Lisa Rackstraw Consulting

I am a social work professional with over fifteen years experience in community development, organisational development, social development and planning, project management and disaster management and recovery. I have experience in both urban and rural environments. My career has been shaped by my long-term drive to make a difference to the lives of people and community.

Over the past fifteen years I have worked in varying roles within the social sector including housing and homelessness, public space intoxication, diversionary measures, organisational and practice development, and community development with a significant proportion of my skill set utilised for crisis management post- traumatic events. I have subsequently developed a sound knowledge of psychosocial response following traumatic events, delivering disaster response and recovery coordination at the state level for the Queensland government. I have a strong interest in climate change adaptation and mitigation.

I have experience coordinated multi-agency regional responses to disasters and homelessness; undertaking policy review and leading management through policy redevelopment; quality assurance including ISO 9001 & HSQF; change management through action learning; grants and tendering including program logic or service methodology development; staff support and development; strategic and operational planning; risk management and service continuity planning; reporting and data analysis; collaboration engagement and developing evaluation strategies. I have tutored in Community Development at University level.

My core professional skills include: team leadership, project management and coordination, crisis and change management, systems development, organisational development, research, analysis and strategic development, community engagement, group facilitation and public speaking, authoring reports.