• Service and Practice Development - Action Learning Cycles for inclusive development of practice frameworks

• Governance Development - Action Learning with members of your board for inclusive development of governance frameworks

• Research and Policy Development - Sound research skills for systems advocacy and policy development

• Strategic, Business and Operational Planning - strategic thinking for organisational development and planning

• Professional Supervision - Bachelor of Social Work (Hons) developmental practice and disaster recovery methodology

• Facilitation - Group and workshop facilitation skills for service and practice development

• Grant Development and Writing

• Project Management

• Quality Assurance Frameworks - Assistance with standards accreditation or standards auditing through inclusive processes for staff and managment to ensure standards are met

• Facilitating systems development, collaboration and partnership development - able to work at systems levels

• Community Engagement

• Development and implementation of best practice models - designed to meet the specific needs of your target group, organisation and the wider service system through evidence based practice research

• Risk Management - development of risk management policy, procedures and frameworks

• Disaster Management - policy and precedure to ensure risk mitigation and appropriate service response with regards to natural disasters

• Delivery of training in Disaster Recovery - best practice methodology

• Community Recovery - Service and Practice Development including upskilling and or supporting staff in recovery

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